Collaborative Tools for 21st Century Learners & Leaders

In Wikinomics, authors Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams argue that "[m]ass collaboration is...helping to transform the way we conduct science, create culture, inform and educate ourselves, and govern our communities and nations" (xii). The push for NJ educators to help students develop "21st century skills" (including collaboration skills such as "work[ing] effectively with a diverse team" and "be[ing] helpful and mak[ing] necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal") further underscores the utility of the tools I'll cover in this workshop.

These tools may not all be for everybody, but it's my hope that of the four general categories covered here, you'll find at least one you'll be able to take back to your school and implement with your students and/or your colleagues.


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Image "Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept" used under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license, courtesy LuMaxArt